Ophiuchus Is Officially Classified As One of the New Horoscope Signs

When people hear the word horoscope, they associate with the twelve familiar signs of the zodiac. In recent years there has been some debate as to whether these signs should number twelve or thirteen. The extra sign has the name of Ophiuchus and is a star constellation located between Scorpio and Sagittarius. While the debate as to whether this is classified as a sun sign has its points, the argument that it is not a part of the zodiac is not valid. The Ophiuchus constellation has always been a part of the zodiac because of its location within the elliptical field.

The addition of new horoscope signs is different from the acceptance of a star formation. The Ophiuchus horoscope would take a slice of the time frame that currently is assigned to Sagittarius. Astrologers who do use this in their forecasts, place the Ophiuchus sign between the dates of November twenty-ninth and December seventeenth. The Ophiuchus sign is symbolized with a figure holding a serpent and is sometimes referred to as the snake charmer. The Ophiuchus horoscope shows the number twelve to be favorable for people born under this sign.

When it comes to new horoscope signs, the Ophiuchus horoscope sign has an officially released profile from the Astrology Association of America. This official profile includes the traits associated with the Ophiuchus sign. These traits include being peaceful with a thirst for knowledge. People born under this sign are considered to be lucky and often have dreams that inspire the actions they do while awake. The official Ophiuchus horoscope goes on to state these individuals are highly regarded by authority figures and make great family members. They have a highly creative sense and often find careers in fields dealing with building, art or music.

Like other sun signs this sign has certain signs it can get along with better than others. Astrological signs compatible with the Ophiuchus sign include Capricorn, Pisces, Libra and other Ophiuchus. Some famous people born under this sign include Walt Disney, Ozzy Osbourne and Taylor Swift. The ongoing debate as to whether or not new horoscope signs should be included in astrological predictions does not seem to hold water with the official association. This sign has been given its definite constellation boundaries since 1930 and is not likely to be reformed. Astrologers looking to create profiles using the signs of the zodiac will need to make adjustments in their charts for the space belonging to the Ophiuchus sign.