Why Classrooms Are Overrated Compare to Online Classes

I think we can all agree that getting a proper education is an important step in everyone’s lives. From the moment we step foot in our first kindergarten class to walking at our college graduation, we are taught the valuable lessons and given the knowledge that will help guide us through this life. We look back fondly on the days we spent in the classroom passing notes to friends that were carefully crafted into perfectly self-sealing triangles, complere my webassign homework when we were carefree and happy to be crammed into a little desk learning alongside our peers. Spending countless hours in a fluorescent lit room as an adult however, has certainly lost a bit of its charm. This is why so many choose to further their career with online courses.

Crammed in a Miniature Desk

Sure this one was fun when you were actually small enough to fit into the horrible chairs that had permanently attached desks. Back when you could lift the top of your desk to uncover a treasure trove of crayons and colored pencils. Trying to stay focused on the lesson while fidgeting uncomfortably in one of these today is a task mastered by few. Leaving us with only a fraction of what we should have actually learned. With online classes you can learn the same information from the comfort of that overstuffed arm chair in your living room.

Being Called On

No matter how hard you try to give your full attention, while constantly adjusting to a comfortable sitting position in your tiny chair, you manage to miss the key information that, of course, you will surely be called upon to recite as the answer the professor’s question. Taking classes online will free you of any professor demanding unsolicited info from you at inopportune times.

Falling Asleep

Whether it’s the hum of the overhead lighting or the whir of the projector that lulls us into slumberland, there is something about a classroom that has an instant sleeping pill effect on us. Taking a nap in the middle of 60 strangers is not ideal. Especially if you snore, drool, or talk in your sleep. All of these things are perfectly acceptable in the comfort of your own home. In your own house, If you find yourself unable to fight the urge of sleepiness, take a break, take a nap, and return to your studies without missing any information at all.